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Recruit A Social Media Maven!

I know your staff is already over-worked and now you've got all this Facebook, Twitter, blogging stuff to deal with that the experts say is vital to being relevant. One good option is to recruit a volunteer to work with your communications staff member (if you have one) to handle chunks of the social media work. This kind of job makes a lot of sense for many nonprofits because it offers a flexible opportunity with an easily understood scope of work.  Possible prospects could include a board member, graduate student or volunteer who's been around a while and has a knack for writing. For the volunteer - what an attractive opportunity get social media experience and see the results of more followers, twitters, etc... I'd suggest making the position commitment at least six months with an expected 2-3 hours of service needed each week.  If possible, encourage the selected volunteer to work on site at least for a while to get the lay of the land.  If you've engaged a volunteer as social media maven, tell your story below!

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