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For Good Nonprofits - Volunteer Engagement Is Core To Effective Operations

I wanted to share a new report I wrote in partnership with the Center for Nonprofit Advancement in Washington, DC.  It’s called the Volunteer Engagement Stars Report. I felt that the field of volunteer engagement needed more case studies – especially with the involvement of agency CEOs/Executive Directors. The publication is packed with practical, real-life examples of how nonprofits are dynamically engaging volunteers in ways that deliver bottom-line results.  Download the complete report by going to the Volunteer Frontier Website. The report provides a road map to:
  • Create an Organizational Culture That Embraces Volunteers
  • See Today’s Volunteer as Tomorrow’s Donor
  • Involve the Business Community - Especially in Skilled Volunteering
  • Appeal to the “New Breed” of Volunteer
  • Integrate Volunteering Across the Entire Organization
So, what did I miss?  Any major trends that you were surprised were not in the report?  Interestingly, for the groups I interviewed, social media isn't being talked about as I would have thought. Put in your two cents!  Download the report HERE.

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