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Tapping Those Age 65 to 80 - Hidden Gold In Those Hills?

While there's certainly been a lot written about engaging boomers, families, employees and more, rarely am I hearing about tapping those age 65 to 80. This age group has been called the "silent generation" and they are usually healthy don't have kids or parents to care for. Boomers are often referred to as the sandwich generation because they do have more family obligations behind and ahead of them. Research shows that older volunteers can be incredibly loyal and dedicated -and often stay engaged with organizations for years.  AARP's 2010 "Connecting and Giving Report" found that 43% of those in this age group are "somewhat" or "very involved" in volunteer work.  Another reason to engage older folks???  It doesn't hurt that many of these 65+ year olds have significant financial resources and have the capacity to give sizable gifts in addition to being valuable volunteers.  Have you found it fruitful to engage this generation?

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