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Letting Our Nonprofit Fans Decide How They Engage

While I think a lot about how nonprofits and government can effectively engage volunteers, I'm increasingly seeing that all our audiences are blurring. Most agencies have different lists - one for donors, one for volunteers, one for media, etc...  Even if these lists are part of of one database, we keep focusing on the groups within them.  In Beth Kanter's book "The Networked Nonprofit" she says we also need to be thinking about those who follow and spread our organization's messages - in addition to thinking about our advocates, donors and volunteers.  With this logic we'd spend more time communicating with everyone who will listen to us through various social media vehicles, and let them decide what they want to do. Today's donor is tomorrow's volunteer is next week's connector to a friend at the local bank, etc...  Perhaps we need to let our fans be free to engage with us in ways we never imagined.   What cool ways is your nonprofit engaging fans to stay connected?            

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  1. hi Reed - a fascinating topic! This becomes both more possible and more complex as nonprofits more completely adopt social media.

    Would you be interested in writing a guest post for the VolunteerMatch blog, Engaging Volunteers? Send me a note at silsen(a) to let me know!